Passive Solar Barrier-Free

Casa De Moretti

Massimo & Alessio wanted the house planned with special consideration for their needs of barrier-free accessibility, sustainability and luxury views of the Mediterranean.

Vivid Colors, Abstract Shapes and Soft Details.

A physical model was built to examine feasibility in beaming, building construction and architectural cohesiveness. 1/8” scale model.

A SketchUp model was built to show the sun patterns during winter and summer months and to examine passive solar effectiveness.

Located in Fira, Santorini, Greece, Massimo and Alessio Moretti are Italian brothers who grew up immersed in two cultures, Greek and Italian. Their home is oriented towards the south to take advantage of the sun and the beautiful Mediterranean scenery. During the summer months, elements such as two-feet overhangs, pergolas with bougainvillea vines, deciduous trees and a pool will help cool the home. During the winter months, heat is absorbed through south facing windows and natural beaming.

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